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Think Spring! "Baked Spaghetti With Cauliflower And Anchovies" For My Mom's Birthday

Daylight Saving Time starts at 2am this Sunday March 10th. This means you will “spring ahead” and move your clocks forward one hour, which unfortunately because of the time change you lose an hour of sleep. Everyone now has to adjust to their own spring schedule. Speaking of spring, March 20th is the first day of spring officially and the warmer temperatures will be headed our way. Right now we are in the throes of a snow storm again here on Long Island. It has been snowing throughout the evening and it is still coming down this afternoon. Everyone is hoping that this is the “last hurrah” for the Winter Season. Spring is on its way, I could hear the robins singing the other day and some flowers are pushing up from the ground. Easter is upon us which means New Life and everything is waking up from winter’s slumber. So don’t forget to change your clocks ahead before you go to bed on Saturday night or you‘ll miss spring and stay in winter.

This Sunday, March 10th is a special day in my family. It is my Mother’s Birthday! Mothers are angels sent from God. They are like snowflakes; each one is different and unique in their own way. Not until I had my son did I realize the sacrifices mother’s make. My Mom is the heart of our home. She is the one that gets everyone together for Birthdays and Holidays. She loves to cook meals for the family. She exhumes Love, Joy, Faith, and has the patience of a Saint. Everyone in the family can attest to her strength, her honesty, and her warmth. My Mom embodies what a Mother should be and shares her wisdom with everyone she meets. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, cooking and spending time with my Dad, her family and friends. I have so many memories of my childhood with my Mom, but these thoughts are a special way to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday !!!
My mom Madeline

My mom was a teacher by profession and as they say chief, cook and bottle washer. She did it all. Took care of three children, ran a home, worked, and there was always a hot meal on the table at night for dinner. On Sundays, church was always the top priority as the whole family would go to Mass together. Sunday was not only for church but for family. We always had grandparents, friends, and relatives to share in our Sunday dinner. The table had to be set just so, with the proper placement of forks, spoons, and knives. A typical Sunday meal was centered on pasta (macaroni or mac’s for short we would call it) and meatballs as a first dish and then came the entrée with all the trimmings. After every one was almost busting out of their clothes came the coffee, demitasse, (Italian black coffee) tea, fruit, nuts, figs, and the desserts. We of course do not eat like that anymore, thank goodness or we will have to be rolled out of the house. Things were different then. Both my parents are my heroes. They not only share their love of family and food but also their faith. No matter what life brings, they taught me to be strong and know that family and God is always there with love and support. So, I dedicate this blog post to not only my mom but my dad as well. Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.”  

Here is a recipe that my Mom really enjoys. She loves pasta of any kind. If she was on an island and could bring only one kind of food with her it would be pasta. So this one is for you Mom…Hope that you enjoy your Birthday……
Love your daughter Dottie xx :)

Baked Spaghetti With Cauliflower And Anchovies

1 large cauliflower--Washed and cut in florets
3 medium onions (sliced)
3 cans of Anchovies
Salt and black pepper
1 lb of spaghetti
Vegetable oil to sauté
Pecorino Romano grated cheese

Boil water and cook your spaghetti. Drain and leave on the side. After washing and cutting cauliflower put in large pot with water and par-boil until tender. I large pot put a tin layer of oil on bottom. Put in onions and sauté, then add anchovies and mix with the onions.

When cauliflower is cooked and drained (save some water) put in with onions and anchovies. Add some liquid from cauliflower cooking water, (not too much) not quite covering the cauliflower. Stir together carefully. In baking pan spoon some cauliflower mixture into pan. Place 1/2 of pasta on top of cauliflower. Sprinkle grated cheese on top. Then arrange another layer of cauliflower mixture and then spaghetti, grated cheese on top again. Bake for about 25-30 minutes at 350° F. Should be lightly browned and crispy. You can serve with a big tossed salad and according to your taste add extra grated cheese on top.  Abbondanza!!

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