Tuesday, October 14, 2014

“Stuffed Italian Artichokes” & “Fried Artichoke Hearts” To Celebrate The Italian Heritage

Beneventi! Welcome, Family and friends, it’s “Wordless Tuesday” today…But today I may have a few more words to say, so I hope you don’t mind that I share….I hope that everyone had a wonderful and restful long “Columbus Day” weekend. Today I want to share two fabulous dishes...I have been on an artichoke kick lately so I thought why not share my recipes.

The first one is called “Stuffed Italian Artichokes.” I know, you must be saying, I don’t like them, you are wrong! Till you have tried my mom’s recipe made with spices, cheese, and bread crumbs all tucked together inside the leaves of this wonderful little green vegetable. Then baked with a crispy top, you really haven’t tasted anything like this before! Now, that’s Italian! So in honor of my Italian-American Heritage and Columbus Day (yesterday) celebrate, and eat something Italian. “Buon Appetito!” 

Stuffed Italian Artichokes” (Carcioffola in Italian)

6 medium artichokes
1 1/4 cups of bread crumbs (plain)
1/2 cup of grated Pecorino-Romano cheese
1/2 cup of fresh chopped parsley
2 teaspoons of minced garlic (jar or fresh)
3/4 teaspoon of salt & freshly ground pepper to taste
1/3 cup of olive oil or vegetable oil

Cut off stem and 1/4 off the top of artichoke. Then remove some of the outer leaves at the bottom. Use scissors to clip off top of side leaves. (That removes the sticky point on each leaf) Then wash in deep bowl. Fill large pot with water and boil. Place the artichokes in pot carefully and lower heat to medium for about 7 minutes. Fork test bottom of artichoke for tenderness. If fork goes in and out easily, they are done. Next drain and run cold water on artichokes let them sit and cool off. While they are cooling down, mix the bread crumbs, parsley, minced garlic, grated cheese and a sprinkle of salt with pepper. Mix in a little oil with hands. When it feels like a sandy consistency then you are ready to fill. Gently spread the leaves a little apart and sprinkle some of the bread crumb mixture between each of the leaves. Place the now stuffed artichokes in a glass Pyrex baking dish. (7x11x1.5) Drizzle a small amount of oil on top of each artichoke. Put a small amount of water in bottom of pan about 1/4 inch deep. Bake for about 25-30 minutes at 350° F The top should be a little browned and crispy, when they are ready to eat.   


My second recipe is one that my family just loves, “Fried Artichoke Hearts.” We make these mostly at the holiday time, but I can’t wait till then…They are so tasty, crispy, and a great side dish to your meal. You can even use these as an appetizer. But how ever you make them, they will go so fast right before your eyes…

“Fried Artichoke Hearts”

2 Packages of frozen artichoke hearts (thawed)
1 1/2 cups of plain or seasoned breadcrumbs
3 Tablespoons of all purpose flour (mixed in with breadcrumbs)
2 eggs, beaten (use more if needed)
Vegetable oil for frying 

Rinse & paper towel dry the artichokes. In a shallow dish, combine the seasoned or plain breadcrumbs mixed with some flour and mix well to combine. Set aside. In another shallow dish, beat the eggs and set aside. Place a rack in a sheet pan and set aside. Start preheating the oven to 200°F  Dip a few artichoke hearts in the eggs and allow some of the egg to drip off. Coat in the breadcrumb mixture. Place the breaded artichoke hearts on a sheet pan. Repeat this process with the remaining artichoke hearts. Now fry them in 1/2 inch of oil. When the oil is hot, fry until golden brown, which should only take a few minutes or so. Transfer to the sheet pan and place the pan in the oven to keep warm while you fry the remaining artichoke hearts.


Ciao a tutti, I know that my readers have heard of my close personal friend Micheal Castaldo. I have written about Micheal before on my blog posts. He is an Award-winning song writer/producer, recording artist, composer, Italian Cultural Ambassador, and entrepreneur. Casa Belvedere & Majestic Castle Music Productions Presents Micheal Castaldo’s 2nd annual “Italian Christmas Concert - From Bethlehem to Belvedere” When: Sunday, November 30th at 2:00pm Where: Notre Dame Academy in Staten Island, New York (Fundraiser for Casa Belvedere) Please take a moment and read through the official flyer. Don’t delay to purchase tickets to this awesome event! Tickets go fast! A BIG thanks to all of his fans from Micheal, Ciao!!

Italian Christmas Concert - From Bethlehem to Belvedere
at Notre Dame Academy Auditorium (Fundraiser for Casa Belvedere)

Featuring: Micheal Castaldo, Rebecca Newman, NDA Children's Choir and the Richmond County Orchestra Strings. Micheal will be singing Authentic Classic Italian Christmas Carols From his #1 CD "Extravergine"

Date: Sunday November 30th
Time: 2:00PM
Doors Open at: 1:30PM
Duration: 90 minutes
Address: 78-134 Howard Ave, Staten Island, NY 10301
Admission: $25 Admission, VIP Reception: $75
Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets

Toll Free Box Office: 1-800-838-3006
Secure Parking On Site

Till Next Time…….

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  1. I really love artichokes. I love them stuffed but I have never fried them. I know in the south of Italy this is a very popular way of enjoying them. They look really moreish and delicious done like that!!
    I usually buy them when I am in Italy as they are quite pricey in the UK. Can you find them easily where you are?
    Beautiful recipes Dottie. A presto ciao!

    1. Ciao Alida,
      Thanks you so much for your comment and visiting....I agree, who doesn't love artichokes? Stuffed, they are fun and delicious as you peel down each one of the leaves with all the goodness on them. Now the fried ones are amazing! They are crispy, but tender, and the flavor of the artichokes comes through very nicely. You have to try them someday...They are quite pricey here as well, you need to shop around for the freshest artichokes. We have a vegetable and meat market here called Guntia's and they have them..but as I said you need to watch them for better prices. So glad that you enjoyed this one...A presto Ciao to you as well...
      Dottie :)

  2. Good evening Dottie ,
    I do love stuffed artichokes the recipe can be varied in so many ways ... I like your twist on this one and will try it soon .
    I have never had fried artichokes heart ... only baked .
    What a wonderful idea to fry the artichokes hearts and have them with a meal instead of French Fried Potatoes . Now that is pure genius .
    Thank you for the update on Michael , I wish I lived closer to attend one of his concerts , but who knows ... we have an 'Opera' house here and maybe one day we can get him booked here . What a thrill it would be for the community and surrounding areas . Not only Italians love the music , all cultures do . Hubby has relatives that live not far from Stanten Island and I have relayed your information to them this morning . It will be a thrill to hear them tell me about it . Thanks so much for sharing and a blessed week to you ...~Nee~ ;- D

    1. Good evening Nee,
      Thanks for your comment and for stopping over...Yes, the stuffed artichokes can be made in many different ways...yummy is all I can say! You have to try then fried, they are crispy, but tender. My mom would make them like that when we were little so at least we would eat our veggies.
      Yes, Micheal is outstanding. He gives me the chills when he sings his songs, especially Christmas ones.Maybe he will go down to where you live at some point. He is so busy, goes from one place to another. Yes, you are correct, Nee...all cultures enjoy his music. That would be wonderful that your hubby has relatives living in Staten Island, If they go to hear Micheal I am sure they will not be disappointed.
      Have a blessed week, Nee...Dottie :)

  3. Hi Dottie!
    Oh my word, it has been so long since I have had stuffed artichokes!!!! I must say, my sister Maria is the artichoke stuffer in the family. I just could never get the hang of it. Hers always turned out perfectly:)

    I must check with her for the recipe but i'm pretty sure it's pretty much the same. Of course, I adore fried artichokes as well. I don't have much of a excuse for not making them, lol...

    It's so nice to hear Micheal is doing so well. Who knows, one day he may do a concert at the Bryce Jordan Center!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Dottie...

    1. Hi Louise,
      Thanks for your comment and for stopping by...They are amazing so good and so much fun peeling each one, when they are so good filled with all the goodies. Good for your sister Maria, but you should try them. If you think stuffing them is not your thing, try cutting them in half length wise, and put the stuffing mix on top of them. It may help you and you can still enjoy them. Thanks about Micheal, he just may go to Pa for a concert someday...Have a blessed week,
      Dottie :)

  4. Artichokes are wonderful! One of my favorite veggies. I love them stuffed, but have never made them myself -- gotta do that! Your recipe looks tremendous. And fried artichoke hearts are habit forming! Good post -- thanks.

    1. Dear John,
      Thanks for visiting and your comment. You do have to try to make these stuffed artichokes, John..they are so good and really not hard to make. It is fun to peel off every leaf and enjoy the yummy breadcrumb stuffing. I agree fried artichokes are habit forming, but they are delicious! Hope that you have a wonderful day/night.
      Dottie :)

  5. Dear Dottie, This is one of my favorites. I love artichokes!!! They are the type of food you sit at the table and enjoy with family. They take long to eat so you enjoy take and eat!!
    The fried artichokes are wonderful as well. Blessings dear. and thank you for all of your kind words. Catherine xo

    1. Dear Catherine,
      Thanks for stopping over and your comment. Such a wonderful and healthy little veggie. They do take long to eat, and they are fun..which gives you more time to be with the family at the table as you said. We all love them and now with the holidays approaching they will be in most stores with an abundance. Have a fabulous and blessed weekend with you family...Supposed to be very cool on Sunday, a nice crisp day!
      Dottie :)