Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catching Up

Today the Sun is shinning but it is still cold.  New York and Long Island are in for a wintry mix again on Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week. Boy what a winter we have been having ! I saw a sign recently that said, " Whoever is praying for snow, STOP! "  I thought that was cute. I on the other hand I love the winter and the snow. But for the sake of my family and friends, I will now stop praying for snow. It is a bit too much.  
Just thought that you may want to hear about what I have been up to here in Long Island. Some of my family and friends already had the pleasure of hearing about my endeavors, but maybe some of you haven't, so I will fill you all in on what is truly an exciting process. 
I made a family cookbook for my nieces for Christmas ( which took about 3 years or more to create) and I have a friend who is an author. She saw a copy of it and she got a publisher to look at it. Long story short, they are interested in publishing it. So I am working on trying to create and embellish family stories, photos and collect more recipes from my family. Some of the recipes are from my Mom, Grandmother's and my Great Grandmother. Quite a few recipes in my collection presented a challenge for me since often it was difficult to envision some of these dishes that I never had the pleasure of watching my Great Grandmother (Sofia) prepare. But we can imagine another place and another time when all she wanted to do was serve her family a very healthy and enjoyable meal as well.

The recipes contained in this book originate not only from North America, but also from Italy. My goal of this book was to present a broad spectrum of dishes of every kind whether it be soup, pasta’s or desserts from our family recipes and traditions which can be passed down from generation to generation. I always say, “ Where you came from is who you are. ”
So, it has been a fun experience so far, but a lot of work and research. I have also included in the book some useful information as to how to set a table properly, how to entertain, as well as information on oils, spices, pastas, types of meat, pantry items and tools for baking/cooking etc. You get the idea.
So come take this exciting journey with me and I hope that you enjoy this collection of stories and recipes from my heart. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this and support my efforts. If you have any suggestions, comments, old photos or recipes from my family, please feel free to email me ( I will  keep you updated as I continue this project.

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  1. Ah, winters on LI have been worse than winters Upstate these last 2 years. how much praying are you doing down there!? LOL