Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Memories of Snow

Today is Wednesday and Long Island is in for more snow. I am sorry that I haven’t posted sooner, but I have had the proverbial winter cold. This winter’s season seems to be extremely cold and snowy for the Northeast. Many of the storm systems are hugging the coast more than other years. The area’s northwest of Long Island like Westchester, and places even further north, most of the time seems to get several inches of snow more than Central Long Island. But this year it is proving that we are receiving more than they are at times. I remember when I was a child and as I grew up we always had a lot of snow in the winter. Sometimes schools were closed and my brothers and I would go outside in the yard to build snowmen which always seemed to end in a snowball fight. My Dad used to take us on a hill, near the golf course in Queens, where we could go sled riding. He would take the sled that was his when he was a child and we would all pile in the car with boots, gloves, hats, and scarves. The anticipation of sliding down the hill took our minds off the car ride there. Now, this hill was in the neighborhood which we called “Suicide Hill”. All of our friends and their families would go and enjoy the cold snowy days together. Then we would come back home and my Mom had hot chocolate or a hot mug of soup waiting for us to warm our cold insides. I always enjoyed coming back in the house as the aroma of the chocolate would be all throughout the house. Our cheeks were rosy, our gloves were soaked and stuck with snow. But as we peeled off the winter cold from our outside activities I would not give it up for the world. Memories are made even in the coldest snowy days.

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