Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad !!!!

My Dad & Mom
Today is my Father’s Birthday, February 9th. He is many years young.
My Dad has a lot of compassion, love and strength. He is sensitive and will do anything he can for you. Commitment has always and still will be very important in his life. If he commits to anything, come hell or high water he will be there which is an attribute to his character. I always admired his dedication to his job, and his faith in God, as well as his family. He can be funny, warm, honest, fair and shares his wisdom to others. I have many memories of my Dad but this is one of my favorites.

In the years as I was growing up my Dad (better known as Bob) owned an Italian Deli in Astoria, Queens. He was partners with his dad my Grandfather.  It was a wonderful time in my childhood as my brother and I would go to help sometimes on a Saturday. Christopher my other brother was really too little to help, so he would stay home and I always brought him home a treat from Dad’s store. We would help my Dad put the milk in the refrigerator case and I always loved to put the Italian bread in the sleeves and place them on the shelf. The smell and warmth from the bread that had just come from the bakery ovens would make my mouth water. I (being older) would also get to watch my Dad make homemade Italian sausage. I used to watch him put the meat in the grinder and all the aromas of the spices that would get mixed in to give it flavor would fill the store. My Dad also had a huge refrigerator in the back room of the building where he would store all of the salami’s, prosciutto and many provolone cheeses. Lunch at the store was a real treat, cause you could have a choice of any meat or bread you wanted to make your sandwich. After lunch my bother and I would be able to pick an ice cream from the freezer section which was a double treat. But as the years went by, my Grandfather gave up his part of the deli as he was getting on in years and my Father sold the business. It was really hard on our family when he was at the deli because he worked so many long hours, holidays and sometimes 7 days a week. We hardly saw my Dad so those days that we were with him at the store was very special to me. At least we were able to spend time with him. After the store was sold, my Dad worked for JC Penney as a senior control buyer in the corporate office which was in Manhattan, New York City. He worked for JC Penney for many years and enjoyed the fact that it was a 9-5 job and was able to spend more quality time with the family. He is now retired and enjoys bowling, singing in the church choir and spending time with family, friends and of course my Mom.

You are an inspiration to me and I will always look up to you and say thanks for being my Dad. Hope that you have many more wonderful Happy Birthday’s to come.
Happy Birthday Dad ! Love you, your daughter--Dottie J

This recipe is for you Dad, which is one of his favorites:

Pastina with Egg and Cheese

1 cup uncooked pastina
3 cups of water

A pinch of salt
½ cup of milk
1 egg
1 tbsp. butter
Pecorino Romano grated cheese

Directions: Boil water with a small amount of salt. Then cook pastina according to directions. Approximately 6 mins. Now add butter. Beat egg in small bowl then add by stirring quickly so egg doesn’t cook. Add ½ cup of milk and stir. Serve warm with cheese on top. Makes a great dinner side dish, for breakfast, or just a warm snack. ENJOY !!!!! 

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