Tuesday, March 10, 2015

“Pasta Shells with Uncooked Tomato, Avocado, and Shrimp” For "Wordless Tuesday"

Welcome to “Wordless Tuesday!” Where there are no stories just a fabulous and delicious recipe or two….. 

Consider the Avocado to be something of a secret sauce ingredient because it is not a typically associated with pasta.  Although avocados are never used cooked in pasta sauces, their creamy texture is enhanced by the heat of the cooked pasta. They are pared with shrimp in this recipe by adding body and a delightful distinctive flavor. Other suitable pastas for this dish are Cinese Rigata, (ridged med shells) spaghetti, orecchiette, and eliche (pasta spirals).

Conchiglie Con Pomodoro Crudo, Avocado, E Gamberetti” or in English “Pasta Shells with Uncooked Tomato, Avocado, and Shrimp”

2 1/4 lb. fresh, vine ripened tomatoes, or ripe cherry tomatoes, blanched, peeled, & cored.
3/4 lb. cooked, peeled, small shrimp, cut in half lengthwise or larger cooked shrimp, diced
1 tbsp chopped fresh basil or flat leaf parsley
1 large garlic clove, finely chopped
1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
1 large or 2 small ripe avocados
1 lb pasta shells or your choice of pasta

Cut the tomatoes into quarters lengthwise then push out and discard the seeds. Cut the tomatoes into rough dice or chop coarsely. Place them in a serving bowl. Add the shrimp, basil or parsley, garlic, olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and freshly ground pepper, to taste, to the tomato pulp. Insert a knife into the avocado at the top, where the navel is. Cut into the avocado until you reach the pit, and then make a clean incision all the way around the length of the fruit. Twist the halves in the opposite directions to open the avocado. The pit should fall right out. Peel and thinly slice each half crosswise; then cut the slices each half crosswise; next cut the slices again into small strips or dice. Add the avocado to the bowl with the other sauce ingredients. Toss to mix well and let stand at room temperature while the pasta cooks. Taste for salt before combining with the pasta. Bring 4 quarts of water to a boil and add the pasta and 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt. Cook until al dente stirring frequently to prevent sticking. Drain and toss with the sauce.


This recipe is taken from a cookbook that I have for a long time called, “Pasta, Recipes, and Techniques,” by “Cooking Club of America.” I have the pleasure to participate in my food blogger friend Louise‘s, “Months Of Edible Celebrations.” She is posting to her blog recipes that are taken from cookbooks, magazines, booklets, etc. on Wednesday as “Cookbook Wednesdays.” She also has posted meatball recipes that I participated in as yesterday was "National Meatball Day" So stop over at her blog and tell her that I sent you....

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  1. Hi Dottie:)
    Not to worry about your post having a picture of the dish. It's just fine. When I post tomorrow for Cookbook Wednesday, I will add it to tomorrow's link with a picture of the cover of that fantastic book!

    Those cooking library books are really special. I have a few of them but wish I had the whole set. (isn't that always the way, lol)

    However, I must admit, I'm not sure about the ingredients in this pasta dish. The avocado is quite a surprise! Of course I would most definitely give it a try with an open mind:)

    Thank you so much for sharing, Dottie and thank you for linking to Cookbook Wednesday. You did GREAT!!! I hope you got a goodnight's rest. You've been quite a night owl lately:)

    1. Dearest Louise,
      Thanks for your visit and your positive comment. Thanks for the fix on your post. I enjoyed so much the meatballs that you posted. I showed my mom and she thought it was wonderful that her recipe is being used...Yes, the Cooking Club of America is fabulous. I have the whole set from years ago...I just mentioned to Nee that I got another set off of ebay for my niece. They are really cheap and in perfect condition. You should check into it. When I first saw this recipe, I thought it was corn in the photo. Then I saw the ingredients and the avocado was in the dish, never heard of this as well. But have tried it and you won't believe how creamy and good it tastes. Especially if you like avocado like I do. It is my pleasure to participate in your cookbook Wednesday. Have wanted to do it for a long time. Thanks for doing it! You are right I have been like an owl lately, There is so much going on here, my mom and dad have health issues and you know that I have my own health problems...So I am trying to catch up with everyone.. I feel I take one step forward and two backward. Tonight I am going to get into bed earlier. Have a great night and a wonderful blessed week...
      Dottie :)

    2. Hi Dottie,
      I just wanted to pop by to ket you know I added your link for Cookbook Wednesday just now. It is I who stayed up past my bedtime tonight, lol...I think it's wonderful that your Mom got to see her recipe on the collage. I hope she approved:)

      I do love avocados so I won't rule it out. Creamy is always a good thing:)

      I have often thought about searching for the other books in that collection but I just don't get around to it. Ah, someday:)

      I hope your Mom and Dad are feeling better with this warmer weather. It sure has lifted Marion's spirits tremendously! Don't over do it, Dottie. Try to get some rest and do try to enjoy this weather. Who knows if it's here to stay yet, fingers crossed and good Lord willing:) Nighty night, Dottie and thank you for joining Cookbook Wednesday...

    3. Hi Louise,
      Yes, I thank you for adding the photo of the cookbook for "Cookbook Wednesdays." Louise my mom was thrilled that she saw her recipe being shown and also she thanks you. She enjoys some of the bloggers posts. When I see her I show her on the PC your blog and some of the others. She has a PC and I set it up for her and my dad, but to no avail even with teaching them they never use it. So I have to show them. Thanks again dear friend.. Yes, my parents do enjoy the warmer weather and they are looking forward to the warmth that comes with the sun. So glad that Marion is doing a much better. I know Louise I was in bed this morning longer than usual. Just couldn't move. I was so tired. Yes, you are correct we will take this weather anytime...you just never know...Hope that you had a great night last night. Have to get over to your blog now! Have a good week, say hello to Marion...
      Dottie :)

  2. Hi Dottie ,
    Can tell you are gearing up for spring , love the dish , after the first time I omit using the avocado . Both are great , it's just taste wise .
    I belong to Cooking Club of America , I have 3 cook books of their , great recipes ,
    Your post was nice as always , I will be lnking to Cook Book Wednesdays very soon .
    Thank you for sharing and have a great week ahead Nee :)

    1. Good evening Nee,
      Thank you for your comment and the visit. Yes, I am gearing up for spring, Nee..I love the winter but this year it was a little crazy. Too cold and too much snow...Glad that you love this post and the recipe. I love The Cooking Club of America, I have the whole set and then I went on to ebay and I got another set, (piece by piece) for my niece Lauren. It is fun to be in Louise's Cookbook Wednesday. Have a great week..dear friend..
      Dottie :)

  3. I always buy avocado. I didn't grow up with it as it was not easy to find in Italy years ago. These days of course it is widely available.
    My favourite way of enjoying it is with bread and salad. It is so rich that I treat it like it was butter; it is so delicious though!
    It is a good idea to add it to pasta too. I have 4 avocados in my kitchen so that could be my next meal!
    I hope your week is going well. Ciao!

    1. Dear Alida,
      Thank you for your visit today and your comment. I agree with you dear friend, I love avocados, but when I was young my mom never used them at all. So i also never grew up with them. Yes, they are one of the superfoods and they are everywhere. I could see you treating them like butter, they are very smooth and creamy. I love them in Mexican dishes and even for breakfast with eggs. Never heard about cooking them with pasta until I saw this recipe. Do try it especially with the shrimp another meatless meal. Have a wonderful week as well, Ciao!
      Dottie :)

  4. I love pasta dishes like this! I haven't decided what to make for dinner tonight, and I've been thinking along the lines of pasta of some sort. This looks ideal! Thanks so much.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks so much for visiting today and your comment. You have to try this recipe when you can. It is really good and was in the cookbook that I shared on Louise's blog for Cookbook Wednesdays. You never would have thought that the avocado would be in this dish, but it is creamy and adds another layer of flavor to this recipe. So glad that you liked it...Enjoy! Have a wonderful rest of the week....
      Dottie :)

  5. Dear Dottie, This pasta dish looks refreshing and perfect for the spring. My daughter loves avocados. '
    I love these older cookbooks. They just seem to have the best recipes.
    Enjoy the nice weather dear. xoxoxo Catherine

    1. Dear Catherine,
      Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Yes, dear friend..starting to get in the mood of Spring time, and the lighter side of foods. I know avocados are so tastey and they are so good for you as well. I never liked them when I was younger, but now I love them, like Tammy..I also agree that the older books have such wonderful recipes that are tried and true. You can't beat the best comfort foods going. Have a blessed rest of the week and yes, we finally got a good amount of melting going on. It was nice today...Enjoy the rest of the weeks weather...
      Dottie :).