Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"Tip Tuesday" Plus "Orange-BBQ Chicken with Grilled Vegetables" For "Memorial Day"

Welcome to my blog ! This coming weekend will be “Memorial Day” weekend! The unofficial start of summertime. The last Monday in May is celebrated as a federal holiday in the United States since 1971. A day that we commemorate to all American soldiers who lost their lives defending our country. Memorial Day is an occasion for expressions of memory as people think about the courage of their deceased relatives that served in the military. As time marches on it now has become a long weekend increasingly devoted to family get- togethers, BBQ’s, fireworks, trips to the beach, and national media events such as the Indianapolis 500 auto race, held since 1911 on Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veterans Day; Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, living or dead.

Louis A. Fiore (grandfather)

My grandfather Louis Fiore (my mom’s father) served in the Army. He was a corporal in the 9th US Infantry and was in Company A. When he was 17 he in-listed. (which he was under age) My grandfather fought in WWI and was wounded, (shot in the leg) in the battle at Chateau-Thierry, in France. He received a Purple Heart for his bravery and other medals as well. After his leg healed, he chose to go to Germany and joined the Army of Occupation with his old unit. When he passed on he was buried in the Long Island National Cemetery, NY. I am so proud to have a grandfather who loved his country to defend it for our freedom. So, today I honor him on the Memorial Day weekend.  

For Italian Americans it is especially important to remember that more that 1.5 million Italian Americans served in World War II – thousands of them died to liberate Italy. All Italians and Italian Americans have much to be grateful for today on this Memorial Day. Memorial Day is also a time to celebrate peace and sacrifice. There are many popular activities that some may enjoy which takes place in your local towns or cities. However you celebrate your Memorial Day remember to incorporate your holiday traditions with your family and no matter where you are, take time to be thankful for our freedom.

One way to kick off the summer is with a family BBQ, which is perfect because the month of May happens to be “National BBQ Month.” There is nothing like cooking outside on a grill. As you and your family reminisce about loved ones in the service there are so many quick and easy ideas for a very tasty BBQ. Some options are fresh corn on the cob roasted on the grill, enjoy the flavor of blueberry and rhubarb pies with homemade vanilla ice cream, and don’t forget, the gooey BBQ sauce or glaze to coat on your favorite meat, seafood or fresh vegetables…… yum, finger lick’ in good. So wipe down that patio furniture, let’s go outside, time to celebrate, and get grilling!

Before we start grilling, eating, and celebrating, let me share with you some interesting facts about the way we cook our food with this method. Typically to “grill” is to cook quickly, while “BBQ” is a much slower method using less heat than grilling over an extended period of several hours. Whether you use gas, charcoal, or flavored wood chips/boards, all of these methods add flavor and tenderness to your meats, veggies, and yes, sometimes fruits for desserts. You can use a wide variety of marinades but look for something with an acidic base, like a vinegar or citrus juice with enough flavor, but not over power it.

My dad, Bob Sauchelli
My dad is our Grill Master in my family. When we were young kids he would use charcoal but as the years went on he uses the gas BBQ. He would even go outside in the rain with an umbrella or in the winter when it was snowing and start up the BBQ for our dinner. He puts on his apron with his tools and cooks for the family, his famous steak, ribs, or shish kebab recipes. Thanks dad for delicious meals and memories that will last forever!

However you celebrate your Memorial Day remember to incorporate your holiday traditions with your family and no matter where you are, take time to be thankful for our freedom. 

This week my recipe is a family favorite. “Orange-BBQ Chicken with Grilled Vegetables” Barbecued chicken is an ideal recipe for this Memorial Day weekend and celebrate National BBQ Month all in one shot. The flavors of the BBQ sauce are a tasty marriage for this delicious dish. The chicken is tender, moist, and gooey on the outside, just the way you love it. So, enjoy your holiday weekend, be safe, and 'Tutti, Mangia”

“Orange-BBQ Chicken with Grilled Vegetables”

Jazz up BBQ chicken with the juice and zest of a fresh orange. Citrus brings a bright, refreshing tang to a savory better-for-you dish.

1/2 cup Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce
1/2 tsp. zest and 2 Tbsp. juice from 1 orange
4 small boneless skinless chicken breasts (1 lb.)
1 zucchini, cut lengthwise in half
1 yellow squash, cut lengthwise in half
1 red pepper, cut into quarters
1/4 cup Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing

Heat grill to medium heat. Mix barbecue sauce, zest and juice until blended. Grill chicken 6 min., turning after 3 min. Brush with half the sauce. Add vegetables to grill. Cook chicken and vegetables 9 to 12 min. or until chicken is done (165ºF) and vegetables are crisp-tender, turning and brushing chicken occasionally with remaining sauce and brushing vegetables with dressing.

****Bonus: Stir 1/4 tsp ground ginger into the barbecue sauce mixture before using as directed.

                                             “Orange Non-Alcoholic Drink

This drink was shared by my friend Dani. Scrub outside skin of orange. Fill a glass with cold water, sparkling water, or ginger ale with ice. Add sliced oranges in thin rounds and then add thin sliced ginger…stir and let steep for a while, now add a straw…you have a very tasty, refreshing, and nutritious drink to add to your BBQ and summer. Thanks Dani!


“8 Clever "Tips" And Uses For Orange Peels

We usually throw away the orange peels once you done with eating or juicing an orange. Orange peels are a powerhouse of nutrients and anti-oxidants. They have high amount of vitamin C content than the fleshy content found inside. They can be used for various purposes such as:

1. Deodorize: It's no secret that the smell of a freshly peeled orange can clear out a room. Place the peels at the bottom of your garbage bin, or hang them from a string in your bathroom for a constant fresh scent.

2. Stove-top air freshener and humidifier. Heat up a pot of water and throw in orange peels and other spices such as cinnamon and cloves. This will make your home smell good (and humidify it!), which is helpful if your kitchen smells strongly of the meal you just cooked up.

3. Orange Zest is probably the most self-explanatory of all the uses for orange peels. Zesting an orange peel with a Micro Plane is a great way to add a sweet and tangy taste to your meat marinades or favorite baked goods. Orange zest can even taste great in your morning cup of coffee or afternoon cup of tea!

4. Start a Fire: Oranges can also be used to start a fire! Use a dried orange peel as kindling the next time you are on a camping trip, or use it to make your hearth fires fragrant and bright.

5. Make Orange Peels Dipped in Chocolate: A wonderful delicacy, candied orange peels are a popular after-meal snack in a number of European cultures, and they are quite easy to make too! Just melt some chocolate and cover one or all sides in a sugared orange peel.

6. Garbage Disposal Cleaner: A great way to clean out your garbage disposal is by putting orange peels down the disposal. Place them in the disposal and run it until clear, then run some water down after it. The citrus will get rid of any scents coming from the disposal.

7. Lowers Blood Pressure: Orange rinds can be used to lower blood pressure. They have been a part of Chinese herbal medicines for thousands of years for this purpose.

8. Mosquito Repellant: If you are looking for a natural way to repel Mosquitoes, take fresh orange peels and rub them all over your skin. The citrusy smell will repel the Mosquitoes.

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  1. People like your grandad who served his country so well deserve recognition. I love to read about your family and your traditions. This BBQ weekend sound like a great way to start off summer.
    You chicken makes my mouth water..so succulent and I love your non-alcoholic drink (always welcome I must say!). I also love your handy tips. I had no idea oranges can help with mosquitos!

    1. Dear Alida,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so glad that you love reading my blog. It is so nice to write about my family traditions as it is a reminder to myself of all the fun times we had. A true treasure to have so many wonderful memories. Yes, what better way than a BBQ to start off the season with. The chicken is a mouthwatering dish especially with that BBQ sauce on it, I love the flavors all together. The drink is a very refreshing one and you can even do the same thing with any citrus fruit, plus the taste is very good with the ginger. Glad that you enjoy the tips as well, I know who knew that orange peel can help with bugs? I do hope that your weekend is a nice one too! Enjoy!
      Hugs Dottie :)

  2. Great with your family and their service! Those are some pretty clever tips with the orange peel, starting a fire in the fireplace, great aroma for sure and a must try.
    Chicken is always great on the grill, and the Zesty Italian Dressing is my favorite. It makes a great marinade, etc.
    Thanks for this interesting post, Dottie and you have a safe happy holiday weekend!

    1. Dear Pam,
      Thank you for your wonderful comment and your visit. So happy that you liked this one. The tips are fantastic, who knew some of these things, not I? The things you learn from posting a blog! Love chicken on the grill too it is so tender and very tasty especially with the dressing. I have used it for marinades as well. This was a fun post to write. Thank you and you too have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend my friend.
      Hugs Dottie :)

  3. Hi Dottie:)
    I still remember those charcoal barbecues we had as kids. I wonder sometimes whether I should get a charcoal grill rather than a gas grill. The taste and ambiance is so different. (or, I'm just relishing those days when the Dads did the grilling. Mine didn't have an apron but once in a while we could get him to wear a chef hat; on a very good day:)

    As much as I would love that Orange BBQ Chicken, I'm really craving grilled zucchini, lol...I can not wait!

    Those are some great orange peel tips. I had forgotten about the fire starter one, lol...Thank Dani for that drink, it sounds oh so refreshing:) And thank you Dottie for sharing these recipes.

    You must be very proud of your family for serving our country, please remember them for us in your prayers:) Have a wonderful weekend, Dottie, stay safe...

    1. Dear Louise,
      Thank you for your visit and your great comment. Charcoal was the thing back then especially when I was a young girl. Then we went to a gas grill. But you are right there is nothing like the taste from the charcoal grills. We tried to get my dad to wear a chefs hat also, but he was like no way, only the apron. I also love grilled veggies of any kind. They just have a different taste and flavor. I am happy that you like that drink and will relay the message to her. It is nice to have a plain natural drink than a mixed drink or wine. It seems to be more refreshing. I never knew some of these tips on orange peels. The things you learn posting on a blog. Yes, we are proud of my grandfather, he went through so much when he was in the war. So many people and family members have been through the same thing. But that is why we have a day like this to honor and remember the men, women, and the animals that helped in the war for our freedom. Have a fabulous weekend too dear friend.
      Hugs Dottie :) x

  4. I use both a gas and a charcoal grill, depending on my mood. Or the amount of time I have. :-) Anyway, looking forward to grilling and BBQ season! Haven't done chicken in ages -- time again, don't you think? Good post. Thanks. And Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, we have done the same, but I personally love the flavor of the charcoal. But it does take a lot more time than a gas grill. Yes, it sure is BBQ season and I for one am thrilled. it is so nice cooking outside instead of inside. (less cleanup for me) I agree get out that chicken! Clean off the grill and BBQ! You also have a Happy Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!
      Dottie :)